Name of the film SECOND HOME

Directed by Shekh Al Mamun

Duration 75 mins

Year 2018

CountryBangladesh, South Korea

Language Bengali, Korean (English subtitles)

Special Note Asian Premiere


Cinematography Shekh Al Mamun, Lee Jon Hee

Editing Saiful Jarnal

Sound Lee Song Won

Music Kowshik Azad

About the film

Kawsar has lived in Korea for 17 years. He is an undocumented migrant worker, who first came to Korea as an industrial trainee. One day, his bride comes to Korea to meet Kawsar. Their sweet honeymoon time in Korea ends soon. Kawsar must send his bride to Bangladesh alone. Why is he so unable to leave Korea?


There are many undocumented migrant workers in our society. I wanted to tell the story of why they have moved from Bangladesh to Korea to earn a living, and why they have not been able to leave Korea for a long time. Through this film, I hope that the negative stereotyping of undocumented migrant workers by the society will change.


Born in 1974 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shekh Al Mamun came to Korea to work as a migrant worker in 1998. Since 2001, he became an organiser for the human rights movement for migrant workers. He is currently working as a cultural activist as a full-timer in the Asian Media Culture Factory.