The Kolkata People’s Film Festival (KPFF), organised by the People’s Film Collective (PFC), is a people-supported, independently organised, volunteer-led cinema festival, showcasing politically committed contemporary documentary and fiction cinema from India and Southasia. It brings together filmmakers, cinephiles, students, workers, artists, writers, journalists - a wide cross-section of people to interact and form friendships and active camaraderie over films and conversations.

The seventh edition of KPFF will screen 34 films featuring a wide range of compelling stories from India and Southasia. While selecting the films, our screening committee had in mind that KPFF 2020 is happening at a time of rise and rise of home-grown Fascists in India. It is a time when people of entire regions are imprisoned into silence, entire communities are othered and threatened to be stripped of their citizenship, as the two-nation theory raises its ugly head once again amidst ghosts of the Partition from seventy years back. It is a time when demonising of migrants, annihilating political dissent, violence against oppressed castes and gender, and capitalist assault on public education has become a regular state of affairs in Southasia. It is also a time of unprecedented climate crisis, when even the seasons have visibly changed patterns, causing immense distress to the ecology and the most marginalised sections of the population.

At this juncture, KPFF 2020 is imagined as a space for renewed conversations between everyone committed to putting up cultural and political resistance against an emboldened Fascist state, and for celebrating people's power.

We welcome you to KPFF 2020, a film festival of counterculture, resistance, re-imaginings, celebration and togetherness.

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