Name of the film Agar Wo Desh Banati (If She Built a Country)

Directed by Maheen Mirza and Rinchin

Cinematography Maheen Mirza

EditingPuloma Pal

Location SoundPriyanka Gaikwad, Pushpa Rawat

Sound Design and MixingBigyna Bhushan Dahal

Year 2018


Duration60 min

LanguageHindi, Chhattisgarhi (with English subtitles)

About the film

As mines & power plants appear and grow in monstrous proportions around them, rural, adivasi women from the villages of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh critique the grand plan of development of the country. Many of them have been cheated of their land and compensation, their relationship with the forest & environment severed. As they grapple with all this, they seek justice for themselves & their communities and share their thoughts about how a country should be.

Director’s Note

This film has been made over a period of 4 years. With growing repression by companies and the state the women in this film have shaped their struggles and grown stronger in their resistances. They bring in a new brand of activism and leadership. This places before us the challenge of presenting narratives, discovering and inventing new ways of seeing, framing, composing and capturing the women, their lives and their communities. This film is a humble attempt to do that.

Director Biography

Maheen Mirza is a cinematographer committed to cinema that is born of collective practice. She has made fiction & documentary films across the country. Rinchin writes stories and film scripts. She works in Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh on socio-political issues especially with the anti mining peoples’ movement. For over 2 decades she has been a part of the women’s & queer movement They are both part of Ektara Collective, a strong proponent of the independent cinema movement