Name of the film STRANGERS

Directed by Laura Kansy, Oskar Zoche

Duration 75 mins

Year 2019


Language Hindi, Bangla, English (English subtitles)


Cinematography Laura Kansy

Writing Oskar Zoche, Laura Kansy

Editing Nina Ergang

Sound David Wasielewski

Music Oscar Berngruber

About the film

Four strangers enter into a dialogue and draw an intimate portrait of society in turbulent times. The rural worker Jiaul, the Bihari brahmin Ram, the homeless drug-dealer Manoj and the young student Tashi live in the same city of Kolkata, but in different worlds. The film tried to find out a few answers - What beliefs rule their everyday lives? How are they affected by the sudden demonetisation? What makes them strangers? And how do people – whose paths would never cross in real life – interact in a cinematic space, where as many signs of their belonging as possible have been ‘stripped off’ and they encounter one another for the first time?

About the director

Oskar Zoche was born in 1990 in Munich, Germany. Since 2018, he is studying direction at the German Film and Television academy, Berlin. He holds a bachelors in anthropology and history and a masters degree in South Asian studies. His latest narrative short is a Sci-Fi movie. Laura Kansy was born in 1993 in Munich, Germany. Since 2012, she is studying at the HFF Munich, where she is currently directing her diploma film. Besides her work as a director, she also worked on multiple projects in the fields of fiction, documentary and experimental film as a cinematographer.