Name of the film CORAL WOMAN

Directed by Priya Thuvassery

Duration52 mins

Year 2019


LanguageEnglish, Tamil (English subtitles)


Cinematography Nitasha Kapahi, Nefertiti Chakrabarti, Arnav Kakkar, Priya Thuvassery

Editing Reena Mohan, Priya Thuvassery

Location Sound mixing Amrith Shankar

Post Production Sound edit and mixing Avantika Nimbalker

Music Bindhumalini, Sridhar Varadarajan

About the film

Story of the filmmaker's journey with Uma, a certified scuba diver, exploring the underwater world and the threat to coral reefs of Gulf of Mannar, India. Born in a traditional family in Tamil Nadu, 53 year old Uma, a homemaker, has been trying to bring attention to this alarming environmental issue through her paintings. It is, in fact, these corals that inspired Uma to learn how to swim, dive and paint in her 50s.

About the director

Priya Thuvassery is a filmmaker and television producer from Kerala, based in New Delhi, India. Over the last ten years she has been directing, producing and editing documentary films & television programmes for New Delhi Television, Fox Traveller, National Human Rights Commission of India, Films Division of India, Environment Ministry of Tamil Nadu, Public Service Broadcasting Trust & Khabar Lahariya. Her works include ‘Khanabadosh’ (2009), ‘My Sacred Glass Bowl’ (2013), ‘Survey Number Zero’ (2016) and ‘Coral Woman’ (2019).