Name of the film After Sabeen

Directed by Schokofeh Kamiz

Cinematography Schokofeh Kamiz

EditingSchokofeh Kamiz

SoundSchokofeh Kamiz

Year 2018


Duration74 min

LanguageEnglish, Urdu (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

Karachi, Pakistan. 24 April 2015. A car stops at a red-light. Inside are two women: Sabeen and her mother Mahenaz. Two men on a motorcycle stop and open fire. Sabeen dies on the spot; her mother gets wounded but survives. The evening that she was killed, Sabeen Mahmud, founder, and director of the well known Karachi institution T2F, had hosted a discussion on the unexplained and ongoing disappearances of more than 20,000 activists and civilians in the country. Sabeen had been given ominous warnings by unknown visitors and advice by concerned friends, to cancel this event, which others had refused to host. But Sabeen had gone ahead undaunted.

Director Statement

In the wake of the killing, the director follows Sabeen’s mother and friends to record not only their accounts and memories of her but attempts to create a portrait of a woman she did not know.

Director Biography

Schokofeh Kamiz is a freelance filmmaker and video journalist, has been working professionally since 2004, her reports reach from Berlin’s cultural scene up to Libyan civil war in 2011, which was her last work as Video journalist. In same year she started to produce her own shorts. She also collaborate with theatre director Dirk Cislak and was part of several performances with her own shorts and video installations, such as “Harlan’s Kinder”, “We do it – not because we agree with it" and "The Block - Living in concrete“. After Sabeen is her self-produce debut Film.