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People's Film Collective (PFC) is an independent, autonomous, people-funded cultural-political collective based in West Bengal. Formed in 2013, it believes in the power of films as a weapon of pedagogy of the oppressed as well as alternative media for people.

PFC organises monthly film screenings in Kolkata. It travels in Bengal with films & movemental videos. It's members document movements and make political documentaries. PFC organises an annual film festival, called ‘Kolkata People’s Film Festival’ and brings out a magazine ‘Pratirodher Cinema'.

PFC is interested in collaborating with like-minded collectives of the working class and people’s movements.

Campaigns and initiatives:
(a) Kolkata Monthly Documentary Screenings and Conversations
(b) Kolkata People’s Film Festival
(c) Little Cinema campaign
(d) Travelling Cinema campaign
(e) People’s Media - documentary and alt media collective
(f) Pratirodher Cinema - film and counterculture magazine

Sister collective:
People's Study Circle

Contact Us:
Email: peoplesfilmcollective@gmail.com
Phone : +91-9163736863 (also WhatsApp)
Facebook: facebook.com/KolkataPeoplesFilmFestival/ (page)
facebook.com/groups/PeoplesFilmCollective/ (group)
Twitter: @pfckolkata
Instagram: instagram.com/peoplesfilmcollective/