Name of the film The Tribal Scoop

Directed by Biswaranjan Pradhan

Cinematography Piyush Puty and Harshbir Singh

EditingDev Rao Jadhav

SoundBishwadeep Chatterjee

Year 2018


Duration53 mins

LanguageOdia, Hindi (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

A small town of Sundergarh lying in the interiors of the state of Odisha has never been touched by modern civilization, but is paying for it with the blood of the tribal people living there. People so backward that they still depend on forests for survival. And even those forests are fast being uprooted to make way for urban life. In the midst of this cockpit of destruction there's one hope that they are desperately clinging on to - Hockey. The game that was once the only form of entertainment for these people has now become their life line.

Director Biography

Bisswaranjan Pradhan is a native of a small town of Odisha called Athmallik and has been working in advertising for the last 10 years in Mumbai. Although not formally trained in film-making, his passion for storytelling and his background in theatre lead him to pursue the art. Inspired by the greats of the film world such as, Martin Scorsese and Satyajit Ray, Beeswaranjan wants to tell stories that are more character driven and personal.