Name of the film The Strike and I

Directed by Kshama Padalkar

Cinematography Kshama Padalkar

EditingKshama Padalkar

SoundKshama Padalkar

Sound design and mixDevraj Bhaumik

Year 2018


Duration103 mins

LanguageEnglish, Hindi, Marathi (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

As I wandered through the FTII student’s strike with a camera, still trying to figure out whether to jump in actively or not, I witnessed that on the backdrop of a rather traditional collective struggle, there were a few students who kept questioning the form and language of the strike. They kept contemplating about a more appropriate and effective form to voice our concerns-a form which would be inclusive, integrated and creative. On the other hand, I was occupied throughout the strike with a rather pressing question, how to cope with, understand and express incomprehensibly intense feelings for someone? What language? Which form? I attempt to recount the memories of those intense days which were extremely difficult to cope with yet hugely rewarding.

Director’s Note

The Students of Film and Television Institute of India went on an indefinite strike in June 2015. I was a student at that time and when the strike started I was preoccupied about my own world, trying to overcome a personal loss, fully aware that another loss is waiting around the corner. While I deliberately delayed reaching that corner, I joined the strike. The strike went on for 139 days and ended without any fruitful dialogue between the silent government and the students. The understanding of the impossibility of a dialogue between entities even when there are dozens of means of communication have sprouted around us, shattered many of us. But on the other hand, FTII strike became the first important movement that fueled many other students protests all over India.

Director Biography

Kshama has graduated from The Film and Television Institute of India in 2017. She has been working as an independent director, editor, script writer and cinematographer since 2012. Before joining the film school, she had completed M Phil in Modern English Drama from the Central University of Hyderabad. She has been the editor of three feature length documentaries including her own debut film. She has also co-written and edited a Marathi Feature film 'Aranya' which was selected in the NFDC Work in Progress Lab (2017). Her Final Diploma film Meenalaap which she edited was selected in Eurasia Film Festival 2018 and won Grand Prix.