Name of the film Rohingya's Dream

Directed by MD Mahdi Khaleghi

Cinematography Ali Reza Baghshani

EditingAli Reza Baghshani

Year 2018


Duration23 min

LanguageRohingya, English (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

Arafatallah is a Rohingya child living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. The story of his life is both tragic and adventurous.

Director’s Note

The people of Myanmar are oppressed, regardless of what religion they belong to. It is crucial that the displacement and murder of the oppressed people of Myanmar is prevented.

Director Biography

Mohammad Mahdi Khaleghi was born in the Islamic Republic of Iran and has taught more than ten courses on directing in Universities and Institutes in Iran and other countries, five screenwriting courses and has lectured on the role of media in improving the status of asylum seekers. He has made documentary films such as End of Oblivion, My Afghanistan, My Son and Helper of Betolmahdi.