Name of the film Landless

Directed by Randeep Singh

Cinematography Randeep Singh

EditingSahib Iqbal Singh

SoundAsheesh Pandya

Year 2018


Duration70 mins

LanguagePunjabi (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

This documentary film is a narrative of issues faced by Dalits in their daily life, caste based discrimination being one them. It follows the story of the victims of atrocities like social boycott and communal attacks by Jatts. The project visits the recent uproars in Punjab.

Director’s Note

The documentary films ‘Landless’, explores the caste and class dynamics in Punjab, a north-western state of India. Indian society is known for its hierarchal caste system. According to the Hindu faith, society is divided into four Varnas; Brahmins, Kshataryas, Vaishayas and Shudras and further there’s a group of people who don’t belong to any of these Varnas, called Avarnas (Untouchables). They are looked upon as sub-humans, and are given the jobs considered vile and disrespectful in a society, for example, manual scavenging. They had no right to education, to enter the religious buildings, and they were not allowed to use the same public spaces as Varnas.

Director Biography

I was born in a lower caste family of laborers in the Maddoke village in district Moga (Punjab), and I have lived and experienced various aspects of a Dalit’s everyday struggle in rural Punjab. I spent a considerable amount of time in my life working as a agriculture/factory laborer and then as an activist in Khet MazdoorUnion (agricultural labour union). It was during this time that I familiarized myself with Communist ideas and completed high school. In my late twenties, I joined the Government College of Arts in Chandigarh where I developed an interest in Photography. My photographs tend to represent the everyday experiences of Dalits.