Name of the film Lal Maati (Red Soil)

Directed by Ritesh Sharma

Cinematography Ajay Saklani

EditingNimai Das

Sound DesignerKanishk Bhoklay

Year 2018


Duration14 min 20 sec

LanguageChattisgarhi Tribal Language (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

Dharam, a poor tribal and his family aspire for a better life; their ancestral land is their only source of income, a way of overcoming their poverty. When the mafia for mining seizes this land, they are left in dire straits. Dharam, whose land is the reason for his existence, toils hard for years to retrieve it, visiting courts and striving to organise money.

Director Biography

Ritesh Sharma is a prominent young filmmaker based in Mumbai. He is an independent filmmaker who made two feature-length documentary movies 'The Holy Wives' on sexual exploitation of children in India and 'Rainbows are Real' – on LGBT in India. He also directed a short fiction 'Khalish/The Pain'. These films got selected in various national and international film festivals like DocMiami, One World Film Festival, Boston LGBT Film Festival, VibGyor International Film Festival, Kashish, Kolkata International Film Festival, Jeevika Film Festival and many more. He is also associated with theatre for the last thirteen years and directed many plays on various social issues. 'Lal Maati/ Red Soil' is his second independent short fiction.