Name of the film Jyoti aru Joymoti (Jyoti and Joymoti)

Directed by Mehdi Jahan

Cinematography Ranabir Das

EditingSwapnil R.Sangle, Sanjay Tudu

Sound DesignRahul Rabha

Year 2017


Duration27 min 40 sec

LanguageAssamese (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

A fatally shot rebel stumbles upon an old woman in a mysterious forest. The old woman brings him back to life by telling a tale she has told several such rebels. Her husband, who ran a canteen during the Sino-Indian War, used to narrate this story to soldiers who visited his canteen. Her husband never returned but various versions of his story reached her. Personal memories and collective histories blend into one entity as the old lady's story unfolds, transforming the landscape into a theater of dreams and memories where several scenes from the history of Assam plays out again.

Director Biography

Mehdi Jahan completed his masters in mass communication from AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia in 2011. He shot Delhi based film-maker Saba Rehman’s PSBT produced documentary, ‘The F-Word’. Assisted and shot noted Assamese film scholar and film-maker (late) Altaf Mazid’s film, ‘Sabin Alun’. He taught film studies in various institutes including Guwahati University, Seamedu Media Institute, Pune, and Assam School of Journalism. ‘Jyoti and Joymoti’ is his first short film. He’s making his second short film at the moment and working on the screenplay of his first feature length film, all in the Assamese language.