Name of the film Finding Prayers

Directed by Nilay Samiran Nandi

Cinematography Sudip Baral

EditingArnab Bhattacharya

SoundSubhadip Paul, Sourav Gupta

Year 2018


Duration20 min

LanguageBengali (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

A quest of prayers for peace and hope through ancient religions and a transgender artist's practice of a marginalized art form in this violent and sad world.

Director’s Note

In 2017, some outsiders had tried to make a communal riot in my hometown. When the situations were slowly under control, the people have started their struggleful daily lives again. We want to find, where and how the people get these hope to live..

Director Biography

Nilay Samiran Nandi is a practicing film maker. He has written and directed several short fictions as well as documentaries, ad films etc. He is passionate about gender expressions, nuances of sexuality and folklore.