Name of the film Ammi

Directed by Sunil Kumar

Cinematography Sunil Kumar, Deepu


SoundSushil, Jisha

Sound Design and MixShameer Ahammed

Year 2018


Duration90 min

LanguageHindi (with Eng subtitles)

About the film

Two years of hope. Two years of waiting in vain. Ammi, still waits for her son to walk through the doors; she will never lose hope. This is one woman's fight for justice to be seen. Battered by the police, having been told by the myriad government agencies, investigating her son's disappearance, that there was nothing to be found, no evidence to suggest anyone in particular was involved, she still stands with conviction. Since Najeeb went missing on 15, October 2016 from the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus, New Delhi, there has been no progress in the investigations by the various agencies investigating his disappearance. The ABVP - a right wing youth organisation were the agencies' initial prime suspects in the disappearance. But it seems that it is as easy as that to make someone disappear when the perpetrators are the youth wing of a right wing organisation in the time of a right wing government.

Director’s Note

We began this journey by following the saffronisation of university campuses in North India. It was a predictable journey till we came across one lady, Ammi. As we spent more time with and got to know Ammi the film became clearer to us. Her fight; her story had to be told. We began to focus on the story of Najeeb's disappearance, and the following inertia and final stagnation of the investigation into it, which only fuelled Ammi's conviction to see justice meted out to the perpetrators. She has now become Ammi to so many and is the backbone of the protests and fight to bring justice to her son. It was her enduring hope and her strength that would finally make the decision for us. It completely drew us in and the story began to unfold and take on a life of its own. Today we stand humbled by this experience and amazed at the strength of a mother who has lost her son.

Director Biography

Sunil is a documentary film maker. In 2013-14, he was a research fellow with, an organization that works on creating an archive footage library. He did research on the current development model of the state of Chhattisgarh, concentrating on Janjgir-Champa and Korba districts. The research led to his first documentary film ‘Rice Bowl to Ashtray’ which was completed in November 2014. The film received an award at the VIBGYOR International Film Festival in Kerala in February 2015. He currently works with Pedestrian Pictures - a media activist collective.