Name of the film GHORMUA (A LETTER TO HOME)

Directed by Mukul Haloi

Duration 25 mins

Year 2018


Language Axomiya (English subtitles)


Cast Rahul Rabha, Kalpana Phukan, Nilim Chetia, Urmila Mahanta

Cinematography Sandeep Yadav

Editing Mukul Haloi, Avneesh Chabbra

Sound Niladri Shekhar Roy

Production design Prashant Deshmane

About the film

A young boy, Rahul, hopes to write a book on his experience of growing up in his village. His mother, being deeply connected with nature, can sense messages and signs arising from nature. Urmila, a pregnant lady, is driven by sensorial experiences. But, In contrast to the serenity and harmonious living; there lurks a violent societal past.These peaceful and quiet lives intersect in a space where traumatic memories of death and loss in Assam’s thirty years of secessionist movement keep resurfacing.

About the director

Mukul Haloi studied Film Direction and Screenplay Writing at the FTII, Pune. His short films ‘Days of Autumn’ and ‘A Letter to Home’ have been critically acclaimed. He received an ‘Early Career Fellowship’ from TISS Mumbai to make his debut feature documentary ‘Tales from our Childhood’, which was widely screened and won awards and acclaim.