Directed by Naveen Tejaswi

Duration51 mins

Year 2019


LanguageKannada (English subtitles)

Special Note Kolkata Premiere


Cast Darshan, Murali, Rajinish, Vishwas, Manjamma, Devendrappa, Anand

Cinematography Vasishta Bhat

Editing Samarth BK, Vasishta Bhat

Story Sachin Theerthahalli

Screenplay Naveen Tejaswi

Sound mixing Sri Virat Mudumba

About the film

Manja and Ravi, two dalit kids live in a tiny village in the western ghats. Vaasudeva, a kid from an orthodox brahmin family wants to be friends with them. This leaves Manja and Ravi in a conflict with their daily lives.

Filmmaker's Note

This film is a story from the village I was born and brought up in. Caste struggle is still apparent in many parts of India, and my place is no exception. The film is based on a short story, and some of my childhood experiences. All the actors in this film are non-trained actors. All of them are my villagers. Even my grandma and my relatives acted in this film.

About the director

Naveen Tejaswi is from Hosabale, a small village in western ghats of Karnataka. He is a Mass Communication graduate. He wants to tell stories of his soil through cinema.